Read by Han "The Voice" Beukema

 This is the official website of THE DIARY OF THOUGHTS.

Everything you find written in these books is submitted to subjective THOUGHTS as these are a legitimate right of each one of us, still expressing fundamental notions that can become the target of different analysis, even critics being these positive or negative. I think that this makes an intrinsic part of something called “freedom of speech” that implies the sharing of IDEAS, VALUES, NOTIONS, and so on. Without that “freedom” SOCIETY would stay in a “cage” where nothing would happen to EVOLVE, to CORRECT, even to UNDERSTAND what eventually can be RIGHT or WRONG, GOOD or BAD, CONSTRUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE………and so on.

From POLITICS to RELIGION, going through ART, crossing the LOGICAL & ILLOGICAL, including analogies with MOVIES & MUSIC, touching areas of PHILOSOPHY & METAPHYSICS in a certain sense, this reading will bring you new THOUGHTS or confirm the existing ones that you already possess. In the middle of all this, there is this important factor that is the SIMPLICITY that I tried to put in all these words, mixing POEMS with MUSIC & MOVIES to try to translate some examples that match the different subjects that are referred in this document.

Carlos Pacheco, Luxembourg, the 14th February 2012.
The D.O.T. was written by Carlos Miguel Pacheco - Main Cover illustration and text review by Rosalind Machard and Mary Anne Finnemore.

The novel DREAMS LOST IN TIME was written and translated by Carlos Miguel Pacheco - Text review by Mary Anne Finnemore.

The audio books are narrated by Hank Beukema (Spoken Word).